1575 – 1890 The origins

1575 -1603 The first historical documents mentioning the Picchiotti name were recorded at that time, indicating the family as authorised boat builders in the village of Limite sull’Arno, Florence, dedicated to the construction of river boats.

For centuries, Picchiotti river boats were such famous as any fluvial boat was commonly named Becolino, from Beco, nickname of Domenico, progenitor of the Picchiotti family. In the centuries, Picchiotti has built more than 400 Becolini.

1857 – 1870 The Picchiotti family starts building deep sea sailing ships. In less than 20 years they delivered 21 hulls of ocean sailing vessels.

1888 delivery of the Makatea, 27 meter sailing ship built at Limite sull’Arno.

1886 – 1888 Picchiotti signes the contract for 2 Destroyers of 17 meters, called Lighting Series. These were the very first Torpedo boats ever built in Italy, ever since Picchiotti will be privileged supplier of the Italian Navy.


1900 – 1915  The birth of the leisure yachting in Italy.

1902 construction of 10m speedboat for Senator Orlando. This contract inaugurated a series of gentleman boats ranging from 10 to 15 m, built for the Italian aristocracy.

1905 construction of the Espero, motor boat commissioned by the Count Andrea Fabbricotti from Carrara. The Italian modern leisure yachting industry was born.

1906 Picchiotti attends the World Expo in Milano, edition dedicated to the transports.

1910 Giulio Picchiotti re-organises the production structure in order to build a large number of military contracts.


1915 – 1945 the war production

1915 – 1918 First World War

1917 – 1918 Picchiotti delivers 17 units of the MAS serie (anti-torpedo boats) with 400 HP propulsion.

1930’ Picchiotti signed large orders with the Italian Air Force.  At the same time it develops the new generation of the successful MAS (anti-torpedo boats).

1938 The MAS n.516 built by Picchiotti establishes the new world speed record with a speed of 45 knots carried out for12 hours straight.

1940 the racer Achille Castoldi with 126 km/h establishes a new speed record on the prototype Arno, a 4 m hull of 340 kg built by Picchiotti.

1940 – 1945 Second World War

1942 Under the bombing, Picchiotti carries out the production of the VAS series (anti-torpedo patrol boats) commissioned by the Italian Navy.

1945 German forces completely destroy the yard of Limite sull’Arno, ending a tradition initiated in the XVII century. The Picchiotti family decides to rebuild the company in Viareggio, re-opening the bombed yard by the sea.

1947 – 1970 post World War and the Economic Boom

1947 Construction of the KON TIKI. 36,4 m motor yacht. The hull comes from a military unit, refitted and upgraded to become the first leisure yacht built in Italy after the war.

1954 delivery of MY Aurora, 19,40 m. The naval architecture adopted the hull of the famous MAS 501 Series.

1955 Delivery of MY Liberty S (formerly Aurora), 36,9m. Wood hull and aluminium superstructure with 194 GT.

1955 – 1961 Picchiotti start the series production of leisure motorcruisers. Among the most famous Series the Giglio’s, Giannutri’s, and Giraglia’s. These successful and celebrated series have marked a milestone in the yachting history.

14 Luglio 1962: first edition of Viareggio – Bastia – Vaireggio, the off shore race that in the years became one of the most famous offshore competition. Picchiotti’s motor yacht attended the very first race, starting a tradition that many years to come tied the yard with winning crews and famous pilots.

1968 Delivery of MY Sunny Dream, 31m wooden hulled motor yacht.

1970 – 1989  The transition from wooden to metal hulls

After 1970 Picchiotti abandoned the wooden construction and started building metal hull. The Picchiotti fleet since then included iconic models. The larger vessel in the fleet is the 103,85 meter Al Said, today named Al Mabrukah, built in the sheds of Nuovi Cantieri Apuania in Marina di Carrara.

1989 – 2021 Perini Navi purchased Picchiotti name and facility

1989 Picchiotti yard, name and archives are purchased by Perini Navi that starts buildings its famous sailing yachts in the shed of the Picchiotti yards.

2007 Perini Navi decides to revamp the Picchiotti brand with a series of Explorer motor yachts designed by Philippe Briand under the Vitruvius name. The Vitruvius series will comprise of three famous units of 50, 55 and 73 meter.

2021 The Renaissance of Picchiotti under The Italian Sea Group Flag

December 2021 The Italian Sea Group completes the acquisition of the Perini Navi brand and assets among which the Picchiotti brand.

2022 This year marks the rebirth of the Picchiotti name under The Italian Sea Group flag that will restart this centenary tradition with a modern fleet of motor yachts inspired to the historical style and values of Picchiotti.