The Group

The Italian Sea Group is a global player in the international yachting industry with production facilities able to realise yachts up to and over 100 m and it is worldwide recognized for its elegant, classic and prestigious constructions.

Picchiotti, founded in the XVI century, is the Group’s most recent acquisition and The Italian Sea Group has relaunched its name in the respect of its centenary tradition and style values.

The overall fleet launched by The Italian Sea Group, with the addition of the recorded Picchiotti fleet, includes today over 863 units.

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Since the XVII Century the name of Picchiotti is intimately connected to the Italian Seafaring Tradition. A maritime heritage that, ranging from work boats as well as ocean sailing ships or military vessels, has led to the birth of the modern yachting era.

In 2010 the Picchiotti brand was revamped and leaped into the contemporary age with the construction of 3 yachts of the Vitruvius Explorer series.

Today this history and tradition has joined The Italian Sea Group.

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Design & Creativity

“Attention to details at every step of the process guarantees efficiency and quality.”

This is the starting point for each member in the Design Team of The Italian Sea Group, the productive and creative area of the Group that makes custom made exteriors, interiors and layout proposals to the customers.

Today this corporate philosophy has been transferred into the Picchiotti brand.

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