1917-1918 Birth of the Mas Series (anti-torpedo speed boats)

Length from 9 to 15 meters

Picchiotti delivers 17 units of the MAS series (anti-torpedo boats) with 400 HP propulsion.

1915 – 1918 The First Word War brought the nascent leisure yachting industry to a crashing halt. The entire naval production resources were shifted to military construction.

The Italian Navy needed a high number of anti-torpedo speed boats and Picchiotti and Baglietto created a partnership for the realisation of large military contracts.

1917-1918 Picchiotti delivers 17 units of the MAS Series (anti torpedo boat) with a 400 HP propulsion.

The Mas project proved extremely successful and it played a key role in the naval combats.

Between the two wars a second Mas generation was created: the MAS 500 Series, with length ranging from 17 to 18,5 m, engine Isotta Fraschini Model Asso 1000 of 2000 HP for a maximum speed of 48 knots.





15 December 1917 Capt. Luigi Rizzo aboard the MAS 15, built by Picchiotti, enters the barred port of Trieste and by himself sinks the Austrian battleship Wien of 5.600 tons.

Few time later the Austrian ironclad warship Santo Stefano meets the same fate.


1938 The Picchiotti built Mas 516 sets new world record with the continuous speed of 45 knots maintained for 12 hours.