1888 Brigantine Makatea

Length 27 m
Rigging Schooner

1888 Picchiotti builds Makatea, 27m brigantine, schooner rigged.

1890 Delivery of the Indipendente, 23 m brigantine schooner rigged.



1857 The Picchiotti family starts building ocean sailing ships, in few years it delivers 11 brigantines.

1862 Nicodemo Picchiotti complets the construction of the schooner rigged brigantine Idra, 24 m in length with a tonnage of 90 tons.

Between 1860 and 1870 Picchiotti is able to deliver 10 brigantines per year.


1858 Leopoldo II Grand Duke of Toscany confers the state honours to Gaetano Picchiotti for the successful completion of two brigantines that the Grand Duke commissioned and profitably re-sold in Southern America